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We are honored to invite you to participate in XLV Academic space conference, that will take place from the 26th of January till the 29st of January 2021 in Moscow. We offer various formats: plenary and break-out sessions, discussions, round tables with the involvement of scientists, education representatives, businessmen and authorities, as well as presentations and exhibitions.

Section 1
Space exploration pioneers. History of rocket and space engineering
Section 2
Flight vehicles. Design and structure
Section 3
Pioneers of aerospace propulsion engineering. Theoretical and construction issues of aircraft engines
Section 4
Space power engineering and electric propulsion systems. Critical design and quality assurance issues, hi-end technology
Section 5
Applied celestial mechanics and motion control
Section 7
Space research development and fundamental issues of gas dynamics, combustion and heat exchange
Section 8
Economics of space activities
Section 9
Space research and the community sustainable development (concepts, challenges, solutions)
Section 10
Space exploration and the Arts
Section 11
Science-based technologies in launchers and space systems (The «Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center»)
Section 12
Ground-based infrastructure objects for rocket complexes
Section 13
Ballistics, aerodynamics of aircraft and mission control
Section 14
Aerospace education and youth issues
Section 15
Combined propulsion plants for hypersonic and aerospace aircraft
Section 17
Spacecraft and complexes control systems
Section 18
Automatic spacecraft for planetary and astrophysical research. Design, construction, testing and calculation (The JSC «Lavochkin Research and Production Association»)
Section 19
Aerospace structure manufacturing
Section 20
Space biology and medicine (The «Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of Russian Academy of Science»)
Section 21
Space navigation and robotics
Section 22
Rocket complexes and rocket-space systems. Design, experimental development, in-flight testing, operation (JSC «Military and industrial corporation «NPO Mashinostroyenia»)
Тип мероприятия
Event dates
March 30, 2021 - April 2, 2021
Start receiving applications
Oct. 7, 2020 - March 5, 2021
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